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Here are some basic tips. View our brief search tutorial for additional tips.

Use Keywords: Break your topic down into the most important words (keywords) instead of typing in a question. For example, instead of typing "How can you manage a grade school classroom?", you could search "classroom management" AND elementary.

Use quotes around short phrases. You will get more relevant articles with "classroom management" than searching those terms without quotes, as it may pick up articles with only classroom or only management.

Use AND, OR, or NOT: Combining terms with AND will narrow your search. Broaden your search by using synonyms connected by OR so you find all relevant articles, even though some may use a slightly different term for your topic. For example, "classroom management" AND (elementary or primary or "grade school"). Some databases will suggest synonyms when you start typing a term. You can exclude terms using NOT, such as "classroom management" NOT "high school".

If you are still having trouble finding what you need, Ask a Librarian for help.

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