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Screencast-o-matic would be an appropriate tool for what you are doing. It is best used when you are able to start and get all the way to the end without really stopping, though there are some ways to edit it, but in the free Screencast-o-matic itself, you can only cut out the beginning and the end. I’m sure you’re aware of the 15 minute time limit for the free version.

My favorite tool for this kind of thing is Adobe Spark. You can find it at . Spark is kind of a hybrid between PowerPoint and a video editor. You can login using Google with your school email account ( You can view a tutorial here… . This tutorial video will start somewhere in the middle where he actually talks about using Spark for video because it also has was to make social media posts and such you don’t need to worry about. You can stop listening when he moves on to web pages around the 19 minute mark.

If you are most comfortable making visuals in PowerPoint, you can easily get PowerPoint slides into other applications by exporting them as .jpgs. See the attached “Export to JPG” file. This turns them in to pictures that are easy to upload into any video application.

For YouTube, yes, you can login with your school Gmail account just like with Spark. Spark has it’s own hosting service, but to make it easier for my viewers, I do usually go ahead and download my Spark videos and then upload them to YouTube. YouTube does have a Private setting, but if you don’t do anything exactly right, it might be difficult for others to view. You have to enter in the proper email address for each person you want to be able to access it. I usually use the Unlisted option. Unlisted makes it so you have to have the address before you can view the video. It cannot be searched and people cannot find it accidentally. Just provide the link to your instructor and they should be able to view it and it will allow them to share it with the class if that’s what they are looking for, but no one else will be able to find it.

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